2020 England Cornerback Jaïro Faverus Grateful For His First Offer

Georgia Tech already has one commitment from an international player but are looking for more. Currently 3 European players have offers from Georgia Tech and among them is Jaïro Faverus.

Coach Collins arrived in Europe yesterday and offered the 2020 CB the chance to play for Georgia Tech. It’s his first offer and that first offer is always meaningful. Georgia Tech being the first offer through the door could help when it comes to commitment as Jaïro said “As a kid I’ve always dreamed of getting that first offer and the trust and faith that program has in me to be the first to see that potential in me, that is something that I will forever be grateful for.”

The European route to American college football is extremely difficult considering the amount of American football teams there are in Europe. Current Georgia Tech player Sylvain Yondjouen didn’t even start playing until he was in his late teens. Jaïro started playing flag football at 12 as an after school activity. He ended up falling in love with the game and has been playing football ever since. jairofaverus

Although Georgia Tech struggles with their brand, Jaïro surprisingly knew of Georgia Tech saying “I’ve been watching games of Georgia Tech ever since I started watching college football.” He knew about Georgia Tech academically as well. To Jaïro, education is a big factor and he knows a Georgia Tech education can help him “achieve the highest of my capabilities whether it be in football, school or life.”

Currently, Jaïro has a few schools talking to him and he still has 1 year left until he makes his decision. He hasn’t planned a visit to Georgia Tech but says he would love to get down to Atlanta sometime.

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