Freshman Horace Lockett Plans to Visit Georgia Tech

Through the recruiting frenzy of the last week, Georgia Tech has offered tons of 2019, 2020, and 2021 prospects. Surprisingly though Georgia Tech offered their first 2022 prospect.


The defensive end from Westlake is currently a freshman but played a lot of meaningful snaps with varsity. Sometimes that can be overwhelming for a freshman but Horace knew most freshmen don’t get the opportunity to play so he had to work non stop.

The 2022 defensive end hails from Westlake which is only about a 30 minute drive from Georgia Tech. When asked about proximity to home, he said “I want to go somewhere my mom and dad can easily visit me and come to games”.

Although some other teams have gotten a jump on 2022 prospects, Horace was Georgia Tech’s first 2022 offer. It’s no surprise why either. Just as a freshman, Lockett is already 6-5 and is on par with the upperclassmen of his region. Horace was excited when he got his first offer because he knew of the players Tech had gotten to the next level like Demaryius Thomas.

Horace Lockett.png

Education is also big to the defensive lineman saying the thinking involved in school helps him further comprehend football. Horace has offers from Oregon, South Carolina, Toledo, Tennesseee, and Kansas along with Georgia Tech. With 3 years left in his high school career left, Horace still has a lot of time to think about his decision and rack up offers but it’s good that Georgia Tech got in early. Public schools have school off on Monday and Horace said he plans to get to Georgia Tech over the long weekend.

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