Post Dead Period Recruiting Wishlist

With the 2019 recruiting dead period ending Thursday night/Friday morning, we finally get to see how Geoff Collins’ group of relentless recruiters will do. Most of Georgia Tech’s class is already set but there a few players I’d like Georgia Tech to get (I’m including transfers in this).

Brandon Wimbush

After starting the first 3 games for Notre Dame in 2018, Brandon Wimbush was replaced by Ian Book who finished the year (Wimbush started one game later in the season because of an injury to Book). Although his college career with Notre Dame was not great, Wimbush has immense talent._mm91823.0

Originally rated the 46th best player in the country before he enrolled at Notre Dame in 2015. Penn State is the betting favorite for Wimbush (he was originally committed there) but according to 24/7 Sports, Rutgers, Mississippi State, and Boston College are other teams he is considering.

Jalen Hurts

Everybody knows the story of Jalen Hurts. Although he hasn’t gone to Georgia Tech (yet), Hurts is a great embodiment of a “Tech man”. A former 4 star, Hurts started for Alabama his first two years going to two straight national championship games. Hurts is another dual threat quarterback who was a force at Alabama in his 2 years at starter before a bad championship game allowed Tua to show his skills. Hurts hasn’t played a ton this year but is still fit to be a starting quarterback at most power 5 programs, especially Georgia Tech. According to Lee Benson, Houston is currently the favorite to land Hurts although I personally believe he will go to Miami.

Although I don’t believe Georgia Tech will get either, it would be a huge get to get a quarterback of their caliber on the Flats!

Jamious Griffin

After renewed interest in Georgia Tech, presumably because of the change in offense, North Carolina State commitment Jamious Griffin did not sign with NC State during Early Signing Period and will sign on National Signing Day instead.

The 15th best running back in the nation is a standout player who made the USA Today All-American team his senior year. You may recognize the last name as his brother (Ja)Quon Griffin is a freshman defensive lineman for Georgia Tech. Tech has no shortage at running backs, although it’s unknown how well/poorly the current backs will transition to a new offense, but Jamious Griffin would be one of the highest rated players on the roster.


The Georgia Tech target would be an immediate starter in my opinion and would be a great flip for Coach Collins and his staff.

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*All star ratings are from 24/7 Sports*


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