Marco Coleman Coming Back To The Flats! Hey

Earlier this morning, it was reported by Football Scoop that Georgia Tech defensive line coach Jim Panagos was lured away from Atlanta to Minnesota by P.J. Fleck.

An odd move but presumably an expected on as Geoff Collins has already hired his replacement (kinda). Marco Coleman will coach the outside linebackers and defensive ends while Larry Knight will coach defensive line. Another Georgia Tech Alum, Marco Coleman is the man tasked with replacing Panagos. One of the best defensive players in Tech’s history, Coleman racked up 27.5 sacks,which is 4th in program history, as well as 12.5 sacks in his sophomore season as Tech won their most recent national championship!


After his Tech career, Coleman was selected 12th overall in the 1992 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins. He would then play for 6 different franchises in a 14 year NFL career. In those 14 years, he would rack up 65.5 sacks.

Marco Coleman has very little coaching experience as he’s only been an assistant defensive line coach with the Raiders for one year. Unfortunately, Oakland was last in sacks per game although I would place that more on talent than coaching.

Grade: C+

I wasn’t alive for Marco Coleman’s college career but based on everything written about him and eyewitness accounts by relatives, he was a great player. As we all know, that doesn’t necessarily transition to coaching, especially college coaching. Coleman will engage Georgia Tech fans and alumni but I do have doubts about whether Coleman will be able to coach as well as recruit.


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