OFFICIAL: Alabama Coach Brent Key Coming to Georgia Tech

Coming off a National Championship loss, Alabama’s offensive line coach Brent Key is joining Geoff Collins in Atlanta!

Brent Key will continue as an offensive line coach but he will also gain new responsibilities. He will become the associate head coach as well as run-game coordinator in addition to offensive line coach.

Despite an awful performance Monday night from Key’s offensive line, his offensive line has been phenomenal in Alabama. Alabama’s offensive line was 9th nationally this year in sacks allowed per game and 21st nationally in rushing yards per attempt. He has also produces six All-SEC offensive lineman in his years with Bama.

brent key
Courtesy: Patrick Collard/AP

Brent Key played at Tech while Collins was a graduate assistant in 1999-2000 and then were on O’Leary’s staff together in 2001 when Collins coached tight ends and Key was a GA. They were together again when Collins coached linebackers at UCF in 2008-09. He is the third Georgia Tech graduate to be hired as a coach by Geoff Collins.

Prior to Alabama, Key was at UCF from 2005-2016 working as the offensive line coach for a majority of the time (2009-2014). During that time, Key was selected as a national nominee for the Broyles Award, which is given out to the top assistant coach in college football three times. He also coached eight players to 16 all-conference selection as well as 4 NFL players.

brent key2
Courtesy: Ben Flanagan/

Not only does Brent Key excel on the field as a coach but he is a great recruiter. According to 24/7 Recruiter rankings, Key is currently the 4th best recruiter in the nation. His rank does need a bit of looking at though. Alabama has the best resources, the best coach, and the most success in recent years of any program in the nation. With that being said, Key is the second best recruiter on Alabama so is still a great recruiter. Tech is a different animal though so it will be interesting to see how Key does in recruiting.

With this hire, Georgia Tech’s on-field staff is complete at 10 coaches. I personally love this hire and even with the context added to his recruiting successes, Key should prove to be a phenomenal hire for Georgia Tech!

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