Lewis Caralla Named Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year

In the past few weeks, Geoff Collins has assembled quite a staff in Georgia Tech. While I have my doubts about some of them and their coaching, I’m happy with the hires he has made. I especially like the hire of Lewis Caralla and that got validated even more today with Caralla receiving the Football Scoop Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year!

With the transition from the triple option to a pro-style/spread offense, the personnel and players have to change as well. One of the biggest challenges that I highlighted in other articles was the offensive line. With an offense like the triple option, the offensive line is much different. In the last 10 years, Tech has recruited smaller offensive lineman (250-300 lbs) due to the line having to pull and get to the second level a lot. Although there were exceptions to this like Shamire Devine and Shaq Mason, our offensive line was small. Caralla is tasked with bulking that entire unit up and I think he can do it.

Caralla’s energy rivals Derrick Moore and in the weight room, he should do wonders. This is Lewis Caralla’s first time winning the award but his second time being nominated! Can’t wait to see what he does with the players!

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