Could James Graham Transfer Out?

It’s the off-season for College Football and that means it’s decision time. Whether it’s recruiting or transferring, players are deciding where they’re going to play next year.

I’ve speculated this for a couple of weeks now and based on James Graham’s newest Instagram post, it’s possible it comes to fruition.

Described as one of the best athletes at QB Paul Johnson has ever had, Graham looked to have a promising future in the triple option. Even with the coaching change, I expected him to be a competitor in camp for QB or even switch positions.

When Graham committed to Tech, his main reasoning was wanting to play quarterback. With the recent hire of Dave Patenaude as the Co-OC and quarterbacks coach, I would assume Patenaude either told him he won’t be a competitor for the starting position or they will look to switch his position.

His academic standing also poses an important obstacle. He was ruled academically ineligible to compete in the bowl game in December. Although he has the support of the staff and the school in remaining eligible, being ineligible in the first semester doesn’t bode well. It’s all up to him though if he wants to be eligible.

Courtesy: Danny Karnik

As of right now, Georgia Tech has 4 legitimate quarterbacks that could start next year (excluding Graham) but losing him could still be a big blow.


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