Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech Release New “GREAT” Slogan

With Geoff Collins’ hire to Georgia Tech, the most exciting aspect of it was his energy and swag. It’s shown everywhere he’s gone with his swag chalice, personal drawings to recruits, and mottos.

Under a month in, Collins has released his first slogan with his take on the word great.






Collins energy should help recruiting but the most important thing most likely will be his swag and that includes his slogans and mottos. At Temple, it was Temple TUFF (although it started under Rhule) and his swag chalice. At Mississippi State, it was his hand drawn pictures sent to recruits. At Georgia Tech, hopefully he can incorporate all of them and that starts with his GREAT slogan!

Hover helmet

Want to check out an awesome Georgia Tech Hover Helmet? Click HERE!

GT History book


Click HERE to read all about Georgia Tech’s history as told through stories from the sideline!



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