Report: Geoff Collins Hiring Kerry Dixon II

Tashard Choice was Geoff Collins’ first hire of his career and in a new report, it looks like a second one is on the horizon.

According to FootballScoop, Geoff Collins is hiring Kerry Dixon II but the role is unclear although it is assumed to be as a receivers coach. Dixon is currently the running backs coach at Toledo where he is in his first year. Prior to that, Dixon was at Florida as a receivers coach from 2015-2017 where Geoff Collins was.

As a coach, Dixon’s gators struggled but in his first season at Florida, he had two freshmen gain over 500 receiving yards. Florida never really had a competent quarterback or offense in his time at Florida, so it’s hard to hold those stats against him. A major thing that stands out to me is his recruiting prowess. In 2016, Dixon was named a top 25 recruiter by Rivals.

Florida Gators Assistant Coach, Wide Receivers Kerry Dixon II as the Gators run through practice drills finishing up their first week of fall practice. August 5th, 2016. Gator Country photo by David Bowie.

If this report does hold true, I’m pretty neutral on the hire. I love his recruiting ability but his status as a receivers coach has yet to be seen. With Georgia Tech rarely passing the ball under Paul Johnson, the receivers coach is one of the biggest hires Collins will have to make. Only time will tell about this possible hire. 

Although my sources were unable to confirm the hire Sunday Night, Dixon is followed by several Tech players and Coach Collins on Twitter. 

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