Georgia Tech is an Attractive School for International Recruits

You’ve heard it countless times from “experts”: “Georgia Tech shouldn’t struggle in recruiting because of their location”. While obviously, that isn’t true, their location can help in other ways.

Georgia Tech has never had a lot of international recruits. The first one since 2012 came this week with Sylvain Yondjouen flipping from Arizona to Georgia Tech. The last one was Adam Gotsis who became a 3rd round draft pick after his years in Atlanta. It makes you wonder why Georgia Tech hasn’t tried to go after more international prospects.


Georgia Tech was in the running last year for Julius Welschof from Germany but he eventually chose Michigan. Despite that, Georgia Tech is still an attractive school for international players.

According to, Georgia Tech is 24th in America with 22% of Georgia Tech’s students being from a different country, While 24th is impressive, what makes it even more impressive is that Georgia Tech isn’t a big university with less than 15,000 undergraduates currently enrolled. Georgia Tech is a big name for international students but it should be for football players too.

Adam Gotsis
Georgia Tech’s last international player (Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

When asking people from different countries, most people can name big cities in America like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles but an emerging city is Atlanta for many reasons. The biggest soda brand in the world is housed in Atlanta. The biggest aquarium in the world is in Atlanta. The largest international concourse in the world and one of the biggest airports in the world is in Atlanta. The world’s largest drive-in restaurant is in Atlanta. The biggest music genre in the world calls Atlanta home. All of this culminates to make Atlanta one of the most recognizable American cities. While a big city may not matter to American recruits, it certainly matters to international recruits.

Being in Atlanta doesn’t help Georgia Tech get Atlanta players as much as radio experts and national analysts may think. It’s mostly because those top recruits that live in Atlanta are going to be contacted by  schools like Georgia, Clemson, and Alabama. Georgia Tech is at a huge disadvantage competing with those guys for recruits. But with international recruits, Georgia Tech offers the opportunity to play in one of the most well known cities.

Geoff Collins Press Conference
Geoff Collins and Todd Stansbury at Collins’ introductory press conference (

In addition to location, Georgia Tech’s academics are huge. It’s the biggest reason why Tech is so well known among international students. When speaking to recent international signee Sylvain Yondjouen he talked about how a power 5 team with a great school was huge in his decision. He also went on to say “getting a degree from GT is a great start in after football life.” as well as saying that he knew what Tech was before the offer.

With such an international presence thanks to the location of the school as well as the academics, Georgia Tech should be a major landing spot for international recruits. There’s plenty of untapped talent in Europe and Australia and I wouldn’t mind Geoff Collins recruiting that area more.




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