Defensive End Sylvain Yondjouen Signs With Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech gets their first international prospect in years with defensive end Sylvain Yondjouen signing today!


The Belgium defensive end committed to Arizona in late November but garnered interest from Collins last week and took a visit last weekend. Obviously he liked it as he has decided to sign with the Jackets!

Yondjouen is the highest rated commitment for Georgia Tech’s 2019 class as he’s currently rated a very high 3 star, and for good reason based on the below highlights.

A lot of international players don’t get much tape but based on the limited tape of Sylvain,  he showcases good lateral movement, a nice ability to wrap up, and good play recognition. By watching his camp highlights and his actual highlights, it’s easy to see what Arizona, Colorado, and Geoff Collins saw in him.

With a lack of defensive line commitments in 2019, Yondjouen fits a need while also being a highly rated prospect. Saint-Amour and Desmond Branch are leaving so Yondjouen should see some good playing time in 2019 with a possible starting job on the line. With Geoff Collins already contacting 2 international prospects and signing one in a short period of time, it looks like he could be on his way to establishing a pipeline.



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